Ceramic Paint Coatings

Ceramic paint coatings are an ever emerging alternative from traditional paint protection products such as a Carnauba Wax or Synthetic Sealant. They have become extremely popular due to their extended durability and fantastic water behaviour. As well as increased scratch resistance.

An additional £150-£250 per layer of exterior ceramic paint protection is applicable on all detailing packages when applying of these products due to the high unit cost of the products, as well as a more complex application process. From £20 per alloy for alloy wheel ceramic protection.

With the application of these products, environment is key. Refined Details has the premises to apply ceramic paint protection products, to ensure the product bonds correctly to your vehicle’s paintwork. Also, these products require a minimum of 12 hours to cure properly in the dry before being released into the elements.

Ceramic Paint Protection is very similar in theory to a semi-permanent laquer, which guards the paintwork against scratching, bird lime etchings, swirl marks, etc. They literally increase paint thickness readings! Plus it makes the vehicle easier to wash and it will get less dirty due to the self cleansing properties of the products.

Refined Details can apply any brand of ceramic paint protection available on the market, including: