Land Rover Discovery 4 35hr Dealership Resurrection

Hi all,

Here is a job that I completed in the earlier part of 2015 – a gargantuan task on a dealership butchered 6 month old Land Rover Discovery 4.

The job in hand was a bespoke full correction completed over the course of 4 days and around 35hrs.

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On Arrival

Not too bad on first impressions – slightly dull and covered in general soiling.

First up were the alloys.

Alloys Before

Alloys After

The body then received the usual comprehensive Refined Details safe wash process, including: the two bucket method and snow foam.
The vehicle was then claybarred.

Time to assess the paintwork after claybarring, which I already knew had been at the hands of the dealership trying to remove marks from the bodywork. Needless to say, undertaken in an aggressive manner with dirty cutting heads and no refinishing to speak of.

Bonnet Before

The bonnet was by far the worst panel on the car! This require 5-6 stages of machine polishing to get the desired result.

Bonnet After

Drivers Wing Before

Drivers Wing After

Drivers Front Door Before

Drivers Front Door After

Drivers Rear Door Before

Drivers Rear Door After

Drivers ¾ Panel Before

Drivers ¾ Panel After

Passenger ¾ Panel Before

Passenger ¾ Panel After

Passenger Rear Door Before

Passenger Rear Door After

Passenger Front Door Before

Passenger Front Door After

Passenger Wing Before

Passenger Wing After

35 hours later and the finished article was available! It is amazing how damaged a vehicle can become from inferior processes and lack of experience.

Thankfully rejuvenated and here are…

The Results

Thank you for looking and reading as always!

Refined Details