Mazda MX5 Z Sport 1/400 Correction

I’ve expedited this particular detail from last month for various reasons – mainly to show the new premises, which was occupied in October (work in progress) and some of the correctional work we undertake.

The new detailing environment is a insulated white walled studio with space for 8 vehicles. 2 for work in progress and the rest for storage of the classic German vehicles that are traded/collected. We are now based the other side of Aylesbury (Buckinghamshire) in from where we were initially based – with train links only being 50mins to/from London (nearest station, Wendover). The site boasts a secure rural compound, on-site landlord, CCTV and other security measures to ensure the safety of the vehicles we deal with.

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The vehicle in question was an extremely rare Mazda MX5 Z Sport in Radiant Ebony Mica. An absolutely stunning colour and one of only 400 built.

The vehicle was to receive a 2-stage machine polish to correct the paintwork.

On Arrival

First up were the alloys.

Alloys Before

Alloys After

Exhausts Before

Exhausts After

The usual Refined Details comprehensive safe wash process, 2 bucket method, snow foam, deironise, detar, etc. was performed.

Once completed it was time to roll the vehicle into the unit to clay bar, followed by a paint assessment.

The interior was dealt with prior to indulging in the machine polishing.

Interior Before

Interior After

Upon assessing and measuring the paint it was clear it had some respray work and a “complimentary” mop… I assume to blend the colour – this left the paint thickness very low and only a 2-stage machine polish was possible in order to correct the paintwork. Japanese paint is super soft, so I was extremely careful and sympathetic to the paint – some deeper marks would unfortunately remain.

Bonnet Before

Bonnet 50/50

Bonnet After

Headlight Before

Headlight After

Bumper Before

Bumper After

Drivers Wing Before

Drivers Front Wing After

Drivers Door Before

Drivers Door After

Drivers 3/4 Panel Before

Drivers 3/4 Panel After

Bootlid Before

Bootlid After

Passenger 3/4 Panel Before

Passenger 3/4 Panel After

Passenger Door Before

Passenger Door After

Passenger Door – Wing 50/50

Passenger Wing Before

Passenger Wing After

A huge lift in that beautiful Radiant Ebony Mica, possibly the best colour I have ever dealt with?! Once all the machine polishing was complete the vehicle had 2 layers of protection applied in the form of ABD’s Nano Seal & Black Magic Colour Charged Wax.

All the other surfaces received treatment from there appropriate products.

The Results


The vehicle then had the hood popped down and was rolled into the Autumnal sunshine.


It was a real pleasure to resurrect this rare Z Sport from bodyshop butchery and return to the new owner close to the condition it had left the showroom.

Thank to those that hung in there – I appreciate this was a big write up.