BMW F10 M5 Estroil Blue Protection

Hi all,

Here is a protection detail I did on a 3 month old BMW F10 M5 (Nov 2013), prior to the winter months.

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A thorough decontamination was in order, prior to protecting all the exterior surfaces – Autobrite Direct’s Nano Seal was the LSP of choice.

On Arrival

A 7am start on this one! Dark, wet and cold!!

First up were the alloys.

Alloys Before

Alloys After

Next were the exhaust tips.

Exhaust Before

Exhaust 50/50

Exhaust After

The M5 underwent a safe wash process, including snow foam:

The bodywork was also detarred and deironised prior to clay barring.

The paintwork received a pre-wax cleanser polish by hand to provide the optimum bonding surface for the Nanotechnology Sealant.

The Results

Got to love Estroil Blue, a truly stunning colour, on another great BMW M.

Thanks for looking and reading as always…