Audi TTS Typ8j Convertible Major Enhancement

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Thanks for taking the time to view another write up by Refined Details. The vehicle in question was an Audi TTS Typ8j Convertible – the job in hand was a 2-stage Major Machine Enhancement Detail, along with a Full Interior Cleanse & Protection.

On Arrival

Closer Inspection

First up was the hood, which received a thorough cleanse and later reproofed.

Hood Before

Hood After

Next up were the alloy wheels.

Alloys Before

The alloys were cleaned with a non-acidic wheel cleaner, which was agitated with various brushes. They were also deironised, detarred and later protected.

Alloys After

Exhaust Before

The exhaust tips were polished and protected.

Exhaust After

After the bodywork received the usual Refined Details safe wash process, the TTS was rolled into the unit to clay bar. This system removes any bonded contamination that normal washes will simply not remove – contamination such as iron filings, stubborn tar, tree sap and other airborne contaminants that affect your paintwork.

Here are some removed from this “clean” TTS:

This contamination was consistent across all panels. Now perfectly clean, the shuts/water traps were blown out at 80 metres/second to ensure a completely dry vehicle.

Before entertaining the machine polishing, the interior received its cleanse and protection.

Interior Before

Interior After

Now time to machine polish! The paintwork was measured for a second time (original measurements taken at quotation) to double check. The paint had light-medium defects, which were inferring on the overall finish… a 2-stage Major Machine Enhancement was in order to lift the paintwork considerably.

Bonnet Before

Bonnet After

Drivers Wing Before

Drivers Wing After

Some deeper marks left but 95% improved.

Drivers Door Before

Drivers Door After

Drivers 3/4 Panel Before

Drivers 3/4 Panel After

Bootlid Before

Bootlid After

A few miscellaneous shots…

We also polish lenses!

A vast improvement across the board on the paintwork. The rejuvenated finish was then protected by 1 layer of Autobrite Direct’s Nano Seal, followed by Valentines Concours Wax.

The Results

The hood off you say?! It’d be rude not to!

It was a real pleasure bringing this Audi TTS Convertible back up to a condition it deserves to be in.

Thank you for looking and reading as always…

Refined Details

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