1972 Chevrolet Nova 396 Pre-Storage Protection

Here is possibly my favourite and most special car of 2012. A vehicle that needs no introduction, the 1972 Chevrolet Nova, as seen in the original Fast & Furious film.

Boasting a 7.5 litre 396 lump tuned to nearly 480bhp with the help of Edlebrook extras. A domineering noise produced by this beast, just incredible!

The vehicle was in for a pre-Winter Storage Protection of the exterior surfaces, as well as a quick tidy of the interior.

On Arrival

Closer Inspection

First up were the alloy wheels.

Alloys Before

They were treated with a non-acidic wheel brightener and then polished & protected. The tyres and arches were also treated accordingly later in the detail.

Alloys After

Next up was a thorough safe wash process including snow foam:

The chrome areas of the engine bay were then polished to remove some of the rust/pitting.

Engine Bay Before

Engine Bay After

Some really lovely details under the bonnet, to get some parts perfect a rechrome would be required.

Next up was a quick tidy of the interior.

Interior Before

Interior After

The outside was then clay barred to remove any bonded contamination after the wash process.

Plenty of sap!

The paint was then treated with a pre-wax cleanser to brighten the finish and also to provide an optimum surface was Autobrite Direct’s Nano Seal – a hard wearing nanotechnology sealant with up to 1 year durability upon 2 applications.

All the other surfaces; chrome, glasswork, etc. was treated and protected as well.

The Results

An absolute pleasure working on this iconic US muscle car… an absolute beast and a stunning piece of machinery in my opinion.

Thank you to the owner for the great hospitality as always…

Thank you for looking and reading as always…
Refined Details

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