BMW E92 M3 New Car Protection

Here is a detail completed back in September for a very good client of mine based in Hertfordshire.

The M3 was in need of a cleanse and protection of all surfaces.

On Arrival

A fair amount of soiling in places…

Closer Inspection

First up were the alloy wheels.

Alloys Before

Alloys During

Starting with a good deironisation process…

Iron filings breaking down and “bleeding”… and rinsed.

This took the bulk of the soiling off, leaving easier work for the non-acidic wheel brightener to work its magic with a little help of agitation from various brushes.

The alloys were later protected with a high durability wheel wax – the arches and rubbers were also treated accordingly.

Next up were the exhaust tips.

Exhaust Before

A good polish and protection later…

Exhaust After

The exterior was then treated to a safe wash process – snow foam was left to dwell…

and all the nooks and crannies agitated;

After jet washing off the snow foam, along with the vast majority of the soiling the vehicle was washed with the two bucket method and a soft lambswool mitt…

Once the drying process was complete with our super plush microfibre drying towels, the paintwork was fully decontaminated with use of a clay bar.

Mostly tree sap and the odd rogue tar spot removed from the surfaces, which would otherwise inhibit the finish. Plus giving a perfectly clean surface for the pre-wax cleanser to be applied – maximising bonding capabilities for our protection of choice; Autobrite Direct’s Nanotechnology Sealant (Nano Seal). Offering up to 1 years protection from 2 applications.

The interior was also cleansed and protected.

Interior Before

Transfer on the drivers bolster already!

Interior After

The Results

Thank you for looking and reading as always,