Audi RS4 Flake Enhancement

This RS4 rolled through Refined Details doors early this September… One of my favourite Audi’s and perhaps the most satisfying engine acoustics one could hear! The detail in hand was to be completed at the unit based near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. The focus of the detail was to rejuvenate the flake pop and remove the marring that was hindering it – this was only a 1-step 1 day machine enhancement detail, so full correction was not expected.

On Arrival

Looking fairly sorry for herself!

Closer Inspection

Heavily contaminated and the defects 

Lots to contend with on this one – first up were the alloys.

Alloys Before

They were treated with a non-acidic wheel brightener, which was agitated with various brushes. Later in the detail they were protected with a high durability wheel wax.

Alloys After

Much better… the exterior was then cleansed using the usual Refined Details safe wash process, including snow foam and the two bucket method.

The RS4 was then rolled into the unit to be clayed to remove any remaining bonded contaminants.

Not to bad off the bonnet.

However, from the rear of the bootlid and lower front wings!

Evidently she had never been clay barred in her entire life. Now it was time to get up close and personal with the paintwork defects, highlighted by the now perfectly clean surface. A 1-step enhancement combination was found and the polishing began.

Bonnet Before

Bonnet 50/50

Bonnet After

Hello flake pop!

Drivers Wing Before

Drivers Wing After

Drivers Front Door Before

Drivers Front Door After

Drivers Rear Door Before

Drivers Rear Door After

Drivers 3/4 Panel Before

Drivers 3/4 Panel After

Bootlid Before

Bootlid 50/50

Colour significantly enhanced…

Bootlid After

Rear Bumper Before

Rear Bumper After

Passenger Front Wing Before

Passenger Wing 50/50

Passenger Wing After

Looking a whole lot better! Some expected random deep scratches remain but the colour and flake pop had returned – a few cheeky reflections in the unit before rolling her outside…

The RS4 was protected with Valentines Concours Wax and all the other exterior surfaces were cleaned and protected with their respective products.

The Results





and finally my favourite from the day…

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It was an absolute pleasure bringing this RS4 back to life – thank you for looking and reading as always,