BMW Z4 3 Day Major Enhancement

Here’s a detail from back in July, which was carried out at our unit near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Platinum Package + Full Interior & Engine Bay Detail.

This is quite a long write up with just under 100 photos in total, so grab yourself a cup of tea and some biscuits to enjoy…

The vehicle in question was a 2007 BMW Z4 3.0i with a mere 11,000 miles on the clock – the vehicle was in for a 2-step major enhancement to rejuvenate the flake pop after the previous owners poor wash techniques inferring on the potentially glorious finish. Plus the interior, engine bay and soft top received thorough cleansing and protecting.

On Arrival

Closer Inspection

Lots of swirls and dealer buffer trails…

First up was the roof.

Roof Before

Roof During

Lifting some serious grime and green mildew out of the fabric hood.

Roof After

All protected and reproofed with a fabric protectant.

Next up was the engine bay…

Engine Bay Before

Engine Bay During

Engine Bay After

All the plastics protected, shuts polished & sealed and sound deadening hoovered.

The alloys were then giving some needed attention.

Alloys Before

Alloys During

Deironising prior to treating with a non-acidic wheel brightener. Later in the detail they were protected with a high durability wheel wax, plus the arches and tyres were treated accordingly.

Alloys After

The exhaust then received treatment.

Exhaust Before

Exhaust After

Slight carbon pitting on the drivers side inner tip but otherwise a massive improvement and protected so this does not occur again.

No pictures of the wash process unfortunately as it was a baking hot day and time was not of the essence – rest assured the vehicle received the usual Refined Details safe wash process including snow foam and the 2 bucket method.

The vehicle was rolled into the garage and fully decontaminated with the use of a clay bar.

Sap removed from a section of the bonnet.

The odd cheeky rogue tar spot removed from the lower wing.

Now all decontaminated, I set about undertaking a Full Interior Detail (Cleanse & Protection).

Interior Before

Interior After

Time to assess the defects and measure the paint thicknesses.

Bonnet Before

Nasty RDS across the bonnet.

Bonnet After

RDS still present but reduced to a degree where you had to really look for it.

Drivers Wing Before

Drivers Wing After

Drivers Door Before

Drivers Door After

Drivers 3/4 Before

Drivers 3/4 After

Boot Before

Boot After

Rear Bumper (Passenger Corner) Before

Rear Bumper (Passenger Corner) After

Some deeper marks remaining but a massive improvement.

Across the board we were looking at around 90% correction (some panels perfect, others with the odd random deep scratches remaining), so not bad for a major enhancement detail. The flake pop was rejuvenated as needed and the reflections were looking fantastic once again.

Choice of protection was Valentines Concours Wax – the glassworks and plastics/rubbers were also treated accordingly.

The Results

The roof down! I hear you cry?! Would be rude not to 

An absolute pleasure working on this beautiful beast over the course of 3 days and rejuvenating it back to the condition worthy of its low miles.

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