Mk2 Ford Focus RS Frozen White Enhancement

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A very short write up as I was restricted on time/light at this detail in Hertfordshire back in March. The vehicle in question was a gorgeous Frozen White Mk2 Ford Focus RS, which was in need of a 1-step enhancement and protection – Auto Finesse’s Tough Coat was applied to the bodywork for protection at the customers request.

On Arrival

Not looking bad…

Closer Inspection

General soiling and tar spots experienced – nothing to untoward as you would expect on an 18 month old vehicle with low miles.

The deironiser doing its thing on the body work…

Once the comprehensive 8-stage safe wash process was completed the vehicle was then clayed.

Once completed the vehicle was then ready for a pre-wax cleanser followed by Auto Finesse’s Tough Coat – along with all the other surfaces being treated accordingly.

The Results

I was really impressed with Auto Finesse’s Tough Coat – exceptionally easy to apply and buff off. It left a really slick finish, even though the dull weather conditions doesn’t help!

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