BMW E60 M5 V10 Factory Rejuvenation

Here’s one from back in July, the V10 550bhp Twin Turbo’d BMW E60 M5.

Platinum Package + Full Interior & Odour Fogging

This one was in for a 2-stage minor correction to cure dealership/factory buffer trails (2 dealer inflicted paint burns found also on the sideskirt and boot spoiler, naughty naughty!) alongside a full interior detail with fogging deodourisation to remove the hideous smell of tobacco.

On Arrival

Well soiled indeed!

Closer Inspection

Standard flies up front…

Light soiling, and finally it was evident the toothpick would be making an appearance! The amount of polish left the the dealers within the nooks and crannies was ridiculous.

First up were the alloy wheels.

Alloys Before

These were treated to a non-acidic wheel brightener, deironizer, detarrer, plus protected. The plastics/rubbers were also treated accordingly.

Alloys After

Next were the exhaust tips.

Exhausts Before

Exhausts After

Time to get stuck into the comprehensive 8-stage Refined Details safe wash process:

Snow foamed…

Nooks and crannies agitated.

Front ended having extra work with an insect remover.

and rinsed.

2 bucket method at the ready with a lambswool mitt:

Here is the proof that the 2 bucket method works and is essential to any wash process!

The vehicle was then dried off and rolled into the unit – starting with clay barring to remove any bonded contaminants left, which washing processes will not remove.

Now fully decontaminated I decided to undertake the interior before machine polishing.

Interior Before

Interior After

Once the full interior detail was completed I set off the deodourising fog and undertook the machine polishing.

Bonnet Before

Bonnet After

Roof Before

Buffer trails!

Roof After

Door Before

Door After

Some deeper random deep scratches remaining after 2 hits.

3/4 Panel Before

Loads of trails and swirls – I had my work cut out here considering the level of detail being undertaken.

3/4 Panel After

Not perfect but much much better!

Boot Before

Boot 50/50

Boot After

Flake pop rejuvenated.

Not 100% perfect in places but not far away. The paintwork was then treated to an application of Valentines Concours Wax and all the other surfaces were treated/protected with the appropriate products.

Total Work Time: 20hrs over 2.5 days

The Results







An absolute delight getting to work on this amazing piece of German engineering – such a great sound and a pleasure to work upon.

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Thank you for looking and reading as always…


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