Mercedes AMG CL55 2 Day Major Enhancement

Hi all,

Here is an AMG CL55 completed the back end of January in serious need of detailing TLC.

Platinum Package – 18hr Major Enhancement Detail
Whilst this would not be a full correction due to the timescales the plan was to enhance the colour and flake pop via a 2-step machine polish – and then protecting all the exterior surfaces.

On Arrival

Looking well soiled upon arrival.

Closer Inspection

First up were the wheels.

Alloys Before

The alloys were treated with a non-acidic wheel brightener and were protected later in the detail; the arches and tyres were treated accordingly also.

Alloys After

The CL received the usual comprehensive Refined Details wash process and was then rolled into the unit for clay barring.

Here are some of the bonded contaminants lifted by the clay:

Not bad off the top halves but the bottom picked up some rogue tar spots!

Healthy paint readings throughout, hovering around the 160-220 microns mark:

Paintwork Defects Before

Lots of random deep scratches, which were never going to be removed but taking the “greyness” out of the paintwork and returning colour clarity was the plan.


Paintwork Defects After

Not perfect but a vast improvement throughout – the paintwork was then protected with Valentines Concours Wax as were all the other surfaces using the appropriate products.

The Result









Thank you for looking and reading as always, it was a real pleasure bringing this 10 year old CL55 closer to perfection.

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