Porsche 911 (997) Carrera S Enhancement

The vehicle in question is a Porsche 911 (997) Carrera S; I travelled to Peterborough to treat this beautiful car to a much needed 1-step machine polish and quality protection provided by Valentines Concours Wax.

The package performed on this vehicle was Gold.

On Arrival

Looking a tad dull and soiled throughout.

Closer Inspection

The summer is definitely coming again, FLY-TASTIC!!

First port of call was the wheels.

Alloys Before

The alloys were treated with a non-acidic wheel brightener followed by protection from a high durability wheel wax – the tyres & arches were also cleaned with an all purpose cleaner and dressed later in the detail.

Alloys After

Next up the exhaust tips.

Exhaust Before

Quite tarnished and a considerable amount of carbon deposits left on the tips. Wire wool with a touch of degreaser was used to break down the main bulk of the carbon, followed by a good polish and protection from a hi-temp wax.

Exhaust After

The vehicle was then treated to the usual Refined Details safe wash techniques including the 2 bucket method and snow foam:

Nooks & crannies agitated:

Once dried and rolled into the garage the Porsche was fully decontaminated with the aid of clay to provide a perfect polishing surface.

Some light tar deposits…

and sap – which was consistent throughout the paintwork.

Time to mask up:

Paint thickness readings were then taking followed by an inspection of the defects, which I had to contend with…

Defects Before

Some heavier marks to deal with…

Defects During

Front Wing 50/50

Bonnet Before

Bonnet After

With the nature of these 1-step enhancements some deeper scratches/swirls remained in places but a vast vast difference compared to how she started.

Defects After

Once the polishing was completed the vehicle was ready to be protected. The glasswork and plastics/rubbers were treated; plus a liberal coating of Valentines Concours Wax to lock-in and protect the finish.

The Results

In the Garage

Obligatory thumbs up:

The car was then rolled outside…



Thank you very much for looking and reading as always…

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