Nighthawk Black Accord Type R “Shower” Machine Enhancement

I had the pleasure of working on this lovely Accord Type R, which are getting rarer by the day!! A day of dodging “showers” – well pure saturation and an umbrella were put to use towards the end to complete the vehicle!

On Arrival

Looking reasonably tidy mostly covered in watermarks as Oxfordshire has some ridiculously hard water.

First up were the alloys.

Alloys Before

The alloys were treated with a non-acidic wheel cleaner and were then protected with a highly durable hi-temp alloy wheel wax – plus the tyres were cleaned and dressed.

Alloys After

Now time for the exhaust.

Exhaust Before

They were treated with wire wool to remove the more stubborn carbon despoits with the aid of a degreaser – additionally the tips were polished and then protected with a hi-temp wax.

Exhaust After

Beading nicely also!

Next was to clay the vehicle to completely decontaminate it before machine polishing; this is what was removed from the front wing:

The vehicle was then treated to a 1-step machine enhancement – here are the light swirls witnessed:

Swirls Before

Swirls After

Unfortunately this is all I could capture of the process photograph wise as the weather wasn’t to friendly.

The Results





Apologies again for the lack of photographs – thanks again to James and his other half for there hospitality and holding an umbrella over my head whilst working in those torrential downpours!

Thanks for looking & reading as always…

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