E90 BMW M3 Cement Decontamination & Protection

I got drafted in to do this lovely 6 month old M3 by a very unhappy owner – building work around his area of work had resulted in small cement deposits being one with the vehicle’s bodywork – meaning a grainy non-silky finish to touch!! So the task was to thoroughly decontaminate the vehicle (snow Foam, 2 bucket method wash, detarring & claying), pre-wax/polish and then the superior protection provided by Valentines Concours Wax. 

On Arrival

Quite tidy – tried to capture the tiny cement deposits but being an appallingly lighting this was not possible, as was the case with the clay as the cement was neigh on the same colour!

A little bit of snow foaming action:

Nooks and crannies agitated to remove dirt build up:

Alloys Before

As you would expect on a car this new with a very loving keeper – alloys were treated with an all purpose cleaner, agitated with various brushes and were later protected by a high temperature wheel wax later in the detail; as were the tyres.

Alloys After

Hand polishing the passenger side with a pre-wax cleanser to brighten the finish and make a perfect bonding surface for the wax to increase durability.

The vehicle then had the glass treated, rubbers/plastics dressed, chromes polished and finally a protected using Valentines Concours.

The Results

Thank you very much for looking and reading…

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