Nissan Patrol ST Decontamination & Enhancement

Hi and welcome to another write up by Refined Details. The vehicle in question is a Nissan Patrol in need of a thorough cleanse and machine enhancement.

The package performed on this vehicle was Gold.

On Arrival

Looks pretty clean…

Alloys Before

Alloys After

Tyres were dressed and alloys were sealed at latter stages of the detail.

Closer Body Inspection

Bug residues, bird residues and….

Tar deposits – emulsifying with tar remover:

Clay lifted some bonded contaminants but not as many as I expected (although note the iron filings!):

Paintwork Condition & Enhancement


Signs of oxidisation and lack of gloss.



Gorgeous metallic flake returning to the fray:

The Results

Once complete the vehicle was topped with Valentines Road ‘n’ Track, due to the added durability for the owner’s offroad adventures!

Thank you for looking and reading as always…

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