BMW E60 525d Enhancement

Here is one job I carried out just after returning from Thailand. The car was a 2005 Black BMW E60 525d in need of some machine enhancement by rotary as the owner was finding his DA unable to cut into the super hard BMW paintwork.

The package performed on this vehicle was Gold.

On Arrival

Volcanic Ash!

The bane of many peoples lives of late – mine especially.

Defects were evident already in the morning sunlight:

Swirls and hologramming covered the entire vehicle – first job was to see to the alloy wheels.


They were treated with a non-acidic wheel cleaner, which was agitated with various brushes, and the tyres were cleansed with an all purpose cleaner to provide a perfect base for the tyre dressing.

Later in the detail the alloys were protected and the dressed were dressed.


Next up was the exhaust tips.


The tips were treated with wire wool and a degreaser and then polished up and protected.


Apologies for the dark picture.

The vehicle received the usual cleanse including snow foaming:

and agitating crevices:

The vehicle was given a clay but little was removed as the owner had undertook this job a few days prior to the detail.

The vehicle was then masked up and ready to go:

Before machine polishing paint levels were checked:

All readings were a very healthy 140-180 microns providing a base for machine enhancement and scope for future correction for deeper marks that would not be removed in this 1-step machine polish.

Time to inspect the defects on and vehicle and then polish the paintwork with a rotary polisher.

Bonnet Before

Bonnet After

Drivers Front Door Before

Drivers Front Door 50/50

Drivers Front Door After

Drivers Rear Door Before

Drivers Rear Door 50/50

Drivers Rear Door After

The rest of the car was followed in the same way and produced similar results, leaving just the odd deeper defect in places – I would have taken more pictures but time and the weather were not being kind to me this particular day – so no outside after pictures either!

The vehicle was finished up by protecting the paintwork with Valentines Concours, the rubbers/plastics were dressed and the glass was treated with a rain repellent glass cleaner.

The Results

Thank you for looking and reading…

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