BMW E60 530d Decontamination

Saturday was a trip down to Surrey to carry out a decontamination and protection on a 2006 530d in Titanium Silver.

The owner described the cars surface as feeling very rough and he wanted the paintwork super slick and smooth to the touch.

The package performed on this vehicle was Silver.

On Arrival

Looking pretty clean but that’s often the impression lighter coloured cars can give, especially silvers.

If you look closely when the camera is set to macro you can see how contaminated the surface.

It was very grit like to touch and I could see why the owner was not happy with the finish.

Firstly the alloys were up for treatment with a wheel brightener, as well as being sealed – as well as the tyre being dressed.



Next up was the exhaust which was actually in quite good condition considering the vehicle was a diesel.


The exhaust was treated with a degreaser to remove the charring, as well as a metal polish to brighten the metal work, before being protected with a sealant.


The car was then given a snow foam and the usual grime gathering areas were agitated with a detailing brush.

After the snow foam the body work was still heavily soiled with tar to the point that the entire lower half was treated with a special tar remover.

Time to start removing the remaining bonded contaminants by clay.

After a quarter of the roof:

Pretty soiled considering it was only a small section of the roof where barely any road grime gets to.

After just a small portion of the passenger door!:

Very heavily soiled, the section I clayed must have only been 6 x 6 inches. The rest of the vehicle was very much the same and required 2 passes in most places, even with a coarse clay bar! – Claying took 3 hours in its own right!

Once the vehicle was decontaminated the car was treated with a pre-wax cleanser to enhance clarity and was protected with Duragloss 601 & 105 as a sealant would benefit the finish on the lighter colour more than a natural wax.

Additionally the plastics were dressed and the windows were treated with a rain repellent glass cleaner.

The Results


Drivers Side Wing:

and in macro with lovely titanium flake pop!

Drivers Side Front Door:

Drivers Side Rear Door:


Drivers Side 3/4 Panel:

Passenger Side:

Thank you for looking and reading, and a big thank you to John for his hospitality this weekend…

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