BMW E46 320ci Convertible

This is a detail which I completed on Friday. It was on a ’51 plate BMW E46 320ci Convertible which was in need of some TLC.

The package performed on this vehicle was Silver.

On Arrival

Lower passenger wing

Drivers side wing with bird dropping (which unfortunately etched to finish)

Bonnet – lifeless with no protection and covered in general contaminants:

I started with the wheels as they were in a bit of a state.



The vehicle was then snow foamed to remove any contaminants before washing the vehicle with the 2 bucket method.

Also cleaning away old polish residue and dirt from the usual places:

Time to cleanse and condition the soft top of the vehicle.


Embedded dirt




Now that the vehicle had be completely washed and dried it was time to clay to remove any bonded contaminants.

After the top of the boot lid

Fairly dirty considering the size of the panel; I dreaded what the lower parts of the vehicle would be like.

Clay after the back of the boot lid!

and an absolutely obscene build up on just the bottom half of the drivers door!

Now the vehicles surface was completely decontaminated by the clay I chose to tend to the wing mirror scuffs by hand.

Passenger Side Before

Passenger Side After

Drivers Side Before

Drivers Side After

Now the imperfections of the wing mirror paintwork was treated, it was now time to treat the sun bleached plastics and rejuvenate some life back into them.

Wing Mirror Plastics Before


After being treated with a high durability plastic rejuvenator and protectant.

Wing Mirror Plastics After

The vehicle was now fully prepared for the pre-wax cleanser, a high durability sealant and Valentines Concours Wax. The windows were polished and the remaining plastics were dressed.

The Results

Lovely paint flake in macro, its a shame that the sun wasn’t playing ball for the flake to truly pop!

Thank you for looking and reading as always…

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