BMW E92 335d Full Machine Correction with Valentines Concours

Today I had a very nice E90 BMW 335d booked in for a full machine correction. The owner informed me that the car was covered in holograms and swirls, even though the last owner had allegedly “cared” for the vehicle.Unfortunately not.

The package performed on this vehicle was Platinum.

On Arrival

Fly build up!

and the condition of the paintwork (before snow foam, wash & clay!)

Rear Quarter

Passenger Side Door

Passenger Side Wing


Boot Top and Back

The vehicle was then snow foamed:

and the badges and the other nooks and crannies were agitated with a brush:

The wheels were then treated with a wheel brightener to remove all the dirt, sealed with a wheel sealant carnuba wax and the tyres were dressed.



The exhaust pipes were slightly charred, so they were treated with degreaser, which was agitated with wire wool, polished and sealed.



The vehicle was then dried and pulled into the garage for claying:

The vehicle was covered in tiny specks of cement but generally it was very clean, here is the clay after the top of the boot lid:

The vehicle was then masked up ready for machine polishing:

The paint was then inspected with halogen lamps to identify swirls, holograms and scratches.

Bonnet: Before

Bonnet: During

Bonnet: After

Passenger Rear Quarter: Before

Passenger Rear Quarter: After

Boot Lid: Before

Boot Lid: After

The owner and I then fitted a M3 spoiler:

Drivers Door: 50/50 Correction

Drivers Door: After

The entire vehicle was then fully corrected.

Post-Correction Afters

Passenger Side

Drivers Side Wing


The paintwork was then sealed and waxed with Valentines Concours Wax, the windows were treated with a rain repellent glass cleaner and the plastics were dressed.

The Results

Thank you for patiently looking and reading, it was a long one!

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